Until we begin to produce videos, here are some good ones:

Bill Moyers talks about the End Game for Democracy  (3:16)    He talks about how Washington and politicians are bought and how close we are to losing our democracy.  His urgency might help you value our methods and strategies.

On the National Debt and Federal Deficit   (6:34)   A fast-paced, upbeat educational video. “Hank” is his brother.

The Problems with “First Past the Post” Voting Explained. (6:31)   A video that explains why our system of voting is not optimal that uses animals as candidates. 

The Alternative Vote Explained (4:27)  A follow-up to the above video that explains a better alternative system of voting.

The (2009) Stimulus Plan Explained  (3:58)    A fast-paced upbeat explanation of the 2009 stimulus plan, and the related economics.

Politics 101  Part 1  (8:44)    This one is just okay. It overviews the three branches of government then overviews the five biggest parties.

Politics 101  Part 2  (9:45)    The first two minutes are about elections in general, but then it overviews the 2008 candidates, so it’s dated.



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