The Proof

The “Proof” of
Proof Through the Night is the amount of
participation, and the growth in participation.


 The current number of PTTN participants: 4.


The rest of this webpage is what we envision for later, once we have a few months of growth. So the numbers below are for illustration only; they’re not actual participation numbers.




We think the most significant statistic is the number of full participants, as compared to the “Goal Train” counter. The Goal Train counter began at
“1” on July 1, 2012 and increases at an accelerating pace, doubling every four months. 

Our goal is to have the participant count keep up with this “goal train.” If we do, a two-thirds majority of Americans will be informed and active by 2022–in just ten years! (See our definition of full participant, to learn why racing the Goal Train makes the members of PTTN like a superhero.)

[In the final graphic the superhero racing against the train would be more dynamic. For instance, the superhero could be leaning more. Also, to imply movement, there could be a series of repeated images of the superhero, from very faint to completely solid. And the “3025% ahead of schedule!” would be larger, more pronounced. Later, maybe the race will be animated.]


Number of participants, as compared to six and twelve months ago:


Other Significant Stats (from our bi-annual surveys)

Number of people who have completed the PTTN Politics for Power Quizzes:____

Number of people who have completed the PTTN Critical Thinking Quizzes:____

Number of people who have participated in a pre-election “Party and Study” event: in the last election cycle ____, and in the cycle before that ____.  (These people take about an hour and a half to study candidates and issues while having an informal party or meal together.)

Number of people who’ve created a personal user page  (to streamline their political action)  ____   

Median number of site visits in the last six months ____.  Previous six months ____.


The Spread of PTTN by State:

And the spread of our active membership, by state:  [This is a rough mock up; numbers would be visible on or next to each state on a larger version of this kind of map.]



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