Our Standards

1. Proof Through the Night is nonpartisan. This website will not endorse or oppose any specific legislation or candidates. However, we encourage and expect our program participants to do advocacy for the issues and candidates they care about.

2. Privacy. Any information you send will be kept private. We will not sell or pass on any information from participants who register. If we wish to quote a participant, we will ask permission first. In addition, we will do all we can do keep information secure.

3. Reminder emails to you will be only what we consider essential.

4. Transparency. No political writing is without bias and value judgments. For instance, Tim who has written most of the content believes that maintaining the environment is essential to our survival. So you may see a pro-environment bias in the website context. While it’s impossible to make writing values-neutral, we do wish to avoid hot-button examples and issues in the content, so that you can focus on the process of becoming an informed and active voter. We generally aim at the long-term interest of all, not just the long-term interests of Americans. But if you believe in the Golden Rule, it won’t be hard to understand how helping others on this small planet is in your own long-range best interest, too.

5. Avoiding bias and special interests. To avoid bias, we will accept donations for this project only from individual who are American citizens. We will not accept donations or gifts of more than $500 a year.

6. Openness to feedback for the sake of improvement. We intend to do our level best to offer a quality web site. We welcome suggestions for improvement and for ways to make the site more user-friendly. However, please do not be put off if we do not use your suggestion. There are many ways to organize a nonpartisan website and movement. In general, we must make strategic decisions to conserve our resources while having the greatest long-term impact.

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