Who’s Who In Politics?

This section contains the names, offices and photos of 14 important people in U.S. politics.  It also contains similar information on seven people from other countries. You should also be aware of your leaders on the state and local level. To find their names and photos, visit  votesmart.org and put your full zipcode (5+4) in the box near the top that’s underneath the words “FIND YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS.”

Barach Obama


Joe Biden

Vice President

John Kerry

Secretary of State

Chuck Hagel

Secretary of Defense

Jacob Lew

Secretary of the


Kathleen Sebelius

Secretary of Health and

Human Services

Eric Holder

Attorney General

John Boehner

Speaker of the House

Harry Reid

Senate Majority Leader

Mitch McConnell, Jr.

Senate Minority Leader

Eric Cantor

House Majority Leader

Nancy Pelosi

House Minority Leader

John Roberts, Jr.

Chief Justice of the

Supreme Court

 John G roberts, jr
Janet Yellin

Chairman of the

Federal Reserve

Vladimir Putin

President of Russia

Angela Merkel

Chancellor of Germany

 angela merkel
David Cameron

Prime Minister of

Great Britain

Xi Jinping

President of the People’s

Republic of China

 xi jinping
Stephen Harper

Prime Minister of



Enrique Peña Nieto

President of Mexico

Ban Ki-moon

Secretary-General of

the United Nations