Politics for Power 1.0

Course Purpose

This course is designed to increase your political power. Increased power will allow you to stand up for your rights and your beliefs, and it can help you to help people and transform issues that you care about.  — And, it’s fighting for your country.


How the Course Is Designed

Some basic and widely-accepted educational ideas were used to design this course:

1.  People learn information and skills more easily when they can see how these can help them get what they want.

2.  You retain things better when you work with something actively. — That’s why we sometimes:

* Make you search for information, rather than just have you read it.

* Ask you to take notes.

* Ask you to analyze actual issues and write actual emails or letters to your representatives.

3.  Repetition and review helps you to remember. That’s why we will ask you to review this information several times and to periodically retake our quizzes.

4.  Teaching someone else something helps you learn it more thoroughly. Helping a friend become politically active also increases your political power.



1: Benefits of Doing This Course

2: The Legislative Branch

3: How a Bill Becomes Law

4: The Executive Branch

5: The Judicial Branch

6: Who’s Who in Politics?

7: Key Documents and Principles

8: Understanding Structural Problems

9: Elections, Voting and Parties

10: Basic Economics for Politics

11. Economics – Special Topics

12: State Government

13: Local Government

14: The Federal Budget and Budget Process



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