Critical Thinking and Strategic Action 1.0

If you make a small amount of effort over several weeks, you will learn critical thinking skills that you can use in every area of life, from your career and personal goals, to your relationships, to your finances, your heath and so on!

One definition of critical thinking is that it is the skills and psychological attitudes to discover what is true, solve problems and effectively communicate your views. These are the skills you can have if you decide to take this online course seriously.


1. Benefits and Costs of Critical Thinking  (Do you really want to be a critical thinker?)

2. Our vision for this course  (PTTN assumptions and approach)

3. A Useful Idea: FITA-KEY 

4. Know Yourself Politically  (Understanding your political values and beliefs)

5. Choosing Information Sources

6. Choosing Good Candidates

7. Thinking about Issues

8. Don’t Be Fooled! (Part 1)   (Manipulation techniques, media literacy and statistics)

9. Don’t Be Fooled (Part 2)   (Logical fallacies)

10. Advocacy and Strategic Action   (Easy advocacy and Total advocacy)

11. Thinking about Policy

12. Bonus: Critical Thinking in Life 


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