The Politics for Power 1.0 course is about the essential information that a citizen needs. Critical Thinking and Strategic Action 1.0  is about how to understand and think about political issues and make decisions about issues and candidates. Please be patient while we re-organize.

We are imagining that someone would take about six hours to do the Politics for Power 1.0 course and related quizzes, and about 14 hours to do the Critical Thinking and Strategic Action 1.0 course and related quizzes. Thus, we’re imagining that the total time required would be like taking a ten-week community college course, two hours a night.

Note that even when these courses are done, they will only be the “1.0” versions. We are planning better versions, including ones that integrate video. We welcome feedback and suggestions to make the courses better!

Four Recommendations to Get the Most Benefits

1. Have the attitude that you are fighting for your country and the future of everyone. Politics really touches every area of life.

2. Get some ongoing personal support. Your “buddy” doesn’t have to take the courses with you, but having someone to encourage you; to expect you to do this; and to celebrate your progress will help tremendously.

3. Take the quizzes first.  If you already know some of the material, why spend time re-reading it?

4. Use the quizzes to review and solidify your knowledge. It may seem a lot but retake the quizzes the day after; a week later; a month later and three months later.

Thank you for fighting for our country!

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