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If you don’t know about our strategies, you probably think our ten-year goal to create an informed electorate is impossible. But the more you understand our strategies, the more believable it becomes. One of the most potent strategies is person-to-person support to learn and practice the essentials of political engagement. Thus, Proof Through the Night grows primarily through personal contact, between people who know each other. That way, our movement will be totally “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” That’s why we say…

WethePeople2 copyIf as a people we can reach the Moon in one decade, let’s make our next great achievement to create an informed, critically-thinking and active American electorate in one decade.

A big theme with us is that we are launching a ten-year “battle” to renew the American electorate. That why our slogan is:

fight4We believe that building a renewed electorate through a chain reaction of self-education and supporting friends to follow our lead is a very central and powerful way to fight for our country.

Visit our Strategies Page to learn about some of our winning strategies — or start with our Recommended Steps page to begin!

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