Getting News in Time

How to get news in time. Often newspapers report that a certain bill became a law, or failed to become a law. At that point, it is usually too late to have an influence. Your opportunity has passed. The sources of information below can alert you earlier in the process.

To find about some current bills pending before Congress, see the three links below. But you can find action alerts more directly by doing an Internet search that pairs the issue (e.g. “gun control”, “water pollution”, “military spending”)  along with the words “action alerts” or “action updates”  or “activist group” or  “activist organization.”  Sometimes add the state, city or region to the search.

All Active House and Senate Legislation:

Active Senate legislation only:

The Library of Congress also has an up-to-date free service on Congress and other government activities.

For recent votes in Congress, go here to do a search:

For bills that have become law:

State web sites:

For your state web site:

Local government web sites:

You can find local legislation through this page:

The following news sources often deliver news after it’s too late to act.  But the news analysis and general background information is still valuable:

–  Major US Newspapers and news services:

–  BBC News

–  Google News

–  Yahoo News
Here are two long lists of other news sources:   (These are mostly alternative news sources and have about 35 alternative online radio sources.)
And here are two sources that rate news: 
     News stories are rated.    U.S. political news stories and blog commentary are collected in one place.


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