Essential Economics

Political effectiveness requires some understanding of economics (as much as many people might not like to hear this!) On our site, we plan to present some simple yet essential principles about money and politics.    A seven-page primer on economics  (plus a whole list of issues below.)   An eight-lesson free course.

Two lists of terms relating to economics:

The following are excellent background articles, usually about two pages long, about various economic topics. These are from AMOSweb whose principle author is Orley M. Amos, an economics professor from the University of Oklahoma. You can probably ignore the leading paragraphs in blue, since they are his lighthearted fictional introductions.

About economic growth

“The Economics of Dueling Political Views”

About the Federal Deficit

About economic forecasting

About ten commonly-used economic indicators

About Social Security

About inflation

About foreign investment

For some current US economic statistics:

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