Political Info

How much and what kind of knowledge is needed by the average citizen to be effective? We believe that eleven kinds of knowledge are needed.  (Not all of this needs to be in your head at once!)  These pages are in the drop-down menu from this webpage, or the links below.

1. Knowledge of how to register to vote and voter requirements.  Here.

2. How to contact those in office.   Here.

3. Info on Candidates and Officials.  Here.

4. Getting news in time. Here.

5.  Background on Issues, and Facts.  Here.

6. Basics of Government. (Politics 101).  Here.

7. How to do advocacy. Here.

8. How to avoid being manipulated.  Here.

9. An understanding of structural changes in politics. Here.

10. Understanding parties, platforms and party politics. Here.

11. Knowledge about economics that every citizen should know. Here.

Note: Besides knowledge, you also need critical thinking skills to be effective politically. These skills help you analyze information and weigh your choices. These skills are introduced in our online course Critical Thinking for Politics.

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